Jiangsu Jintain General Textile Machinery Factory of. China has more forty years history in manufacturing machinery and is a specially-designed enterprise specialized in the production of complete picker in Jiangsu Province. At the same time, it is also one of the manufactures in the production of complete picker in China. It has rich experience and powerful technical force in manufacturing textile machinery. It covers an area about 76,000 square meters and has 42,000 square meters of building. At present, it has more 1500 of staff and workers, of them, 20% is engineers and technicians and managing personnel. It has powerful force in technology and management. It has set up the application center of CAD and the database gradually. So the recourse can be enjoyed together. Using the technology of computer web and in accordance with the requirements of GB,the engineering drawing can be made convenient. Using CAD, the period of development and design of new products is shortened greatly.

   Jiangsu Jintain General Textile Machinery Factory of China has complete methods in mechanical process. They are NC laser cutter, NC bender with 3-folded, multi-position press and numeral display metal milling machine. Total more 500 sets of general and special equipment. It has complete mechanical processing capacity and test methods for easting, forge, heat treatment, plate welding, electroplating, metal cutting. It has a team that is engaged in the work of developing new products and reforming old products and technology, it has TQC system to guarantee the quality of products.

    Especially, Jiangsu Jintain General Textile Machinery Factory of China has accumulated rich experience in the fields of transplanting, digesting and absorbing the absorbing the abroad advanced technical in the manufacture of textile machinery. It brings the technical progress of whole enterprise with the development of picker as leading. Begun from 1992,it digested and absorbed abroad technology of opener and picker that are matched with abroad advanced carding machines in Guangzhou No.2 Cotton Mill and Fushan Cotton Mill. In recent years, it digested and absorbed abroad advanced technology unceasingly and combined the practical condition to develop a lot of openers and pickers that have 90’s primary and middle level. Theses machines are matched successfully with carding machines made by domestic and abroad famous companies first or later and combined near 30 of production lines of picker and carding machine.These production lines are distributed in China and abroad. For example, Shandong Weifang No.2 Cotton Mill, Shandong Weifang No.4 Cotton Mill, Shandong Dezhou Cotton Mill, Shandong Dezhou Cotton Mill,Shandong Liaocheng Cotton Mill, Jiangsu Sulun Cotton Mill, Jiangsu Wuxi No.1 Cotton Mill, Sichuan Wanxian Cotton Mill, Zhejiang Haiyan Taishan Cotton Mill, Hebei Feixiang Cotton Mill,Hebei Tangshan Guaxin Cotton Mill,Ningjin Dyeing and Printing Mill, Hubei Hanyang Cotton Mil,Anhui Mencheng Cotton and Hemp Group Company, the production line of absorbent cotton in Egypt and so on. Of which the local unit item of picker and carding machine of Shandong Dezhou Cotton Mill and Shandong Gaotang Cotton Mill are passed the specialists authentication organized by State Commission of Science and Technology and won the 2nd prize of Shandong progress of science and technology in 1995. The products won the title of famous products at Changzhoou in 1999.


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